On election day, the following issues should be considered:

🃼 TABLES: Volunteers must set up election tables two hour prior to voting station opens.
🃼 CLUSTER HEAD: must have cellphone numbers of all party agents in his/her jurisdiction and call them at 4am on 7 May to ensure that they are in the voting station by 5am and have set up the table, branded as requested.
🃼 PARTY REGALIA FOR VOLUNTEERS: Election volunteers can wear their party regalia when they go and vote and also when managing the tables outside. In the instance where a volunteer becomes a party agent and is inside of the voting station, the rules of party agents applies.
🃼 PARTY REGALIA FOR PARTY AGENTS: can wear red clothes, and red berets provided that they do not have logo or words of EFF.
🃼 PARTY REGALIA AND EFF VOTERS: can wear party regalia to go and vote.
🃼 PARTY REGALIA AND CANDIDATES: can wear their party regalia to go and vote but cannot wear their party regalia if they want to monitor a voting station inside using their candidature certificate.
🃼 CANDIDATES: can use their candidature certificate to go inside all voting stations to monitor elections but not perform party agent roles.

🃼 Take Note that special votes are only applicable to the frail, disabled, pregnant and members of security services without exception. (Section 33)

🃼 Each ward should set up an election day team which will be comprised of the following people:
o WCT ward election co-ordinator whose duty it is to ensure that reports to head office are made available and deal with problem solving locally with the power to escalate serious issues to head office
o Head of wards cluster and convenor of candidates in the cluster will be mobile across all stations in his/her cluster to assist with monitoring and problem solving and at all times must have a birds-eye view of the cluster.
o Logistics administrator who will assist the election co-ordinator with communication and supervises catering team for party agents and volunteers and manage drivers and pick-up point co-ordinators to work hand in hand to ensure transportation of voters to the voting stations



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